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Photo of the Month Guidelines

Photo of the month and photo library contributions

The Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) shares the activities of its members and the wider community that are focused on delivering sustainable improvements to animal welfare.

One way the AAWS has previously done this is through sharing photos contributed by the public.

The contributed photos are now part of a photo library for use in materials to promote activities undertaken by the AAWS. These may include, but are not limited to brochures, articles, web pages, newsletters, media releases, standards, codes and other publications.

While the Photo of the Month project is now longer active, the guidelines from the program are available below to act as a reference point for those who have previously contributed photos for use by the AAWS.

Guidelines on photo contributions:

The AAWS is looking for photos from work you have been involved with that reflects the many positive outcomes experienced by animals following the implementation of relevant standards, codes, guidelines, programs or other activities that focus on improvements to animal welfare.

Eligible photos (as determined by AAWS) will be included on the AAWS website and have the opportunity to be recognised as ‘Photo of the Month’.

By submitting photos you agree that the AAWS may use the photo as required when promoting the activities of the AAWS.

Photos deemed offensive will not be considered for publishing or inclusion in the photo library.

Acknowledging the use of the photo you submit:

By submitting a photo to AAWS it is acknowledged that you accept the conditions contained in the AAWS website disclaimer and are providing a photo or photos for possible placement on the AAWS website and/or for use in AAWS related materials.