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Implementing the AAWS

Implementation of AAWS was a shared responsibility which relied on the commitment of time, resources and funding from stakeholders across all sectors and from all levels of government.

The AAWS National Implementation Plan outlined the collective efforts across the six animal sectors and how the strategy would be turned into actions and deliverables.

Each sectoral working group developed and implemented an action plan. These plans included the identification and completion of appropriate projects to support AAWS objectives and improve animal welfare outcomes.

The Australian Government committed approximately $4 million to phase 2 of the AAWS. This funding was used for specific joint initiatives to address priority issues at industry, sectoral and national levels.

Download a list of previous AAWS projects here.

The AAWS program is managed by the States and Territories. The Australian Veterinary Association is the custodian of the AAWS website. Contributions to support future AAWS activities are being sought from governments and stakeholders.