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AAWS Monitoring and Evaluation Framework Report

The 2010-14 AAWS National Implementation Plan (NIP) outlines that monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a critical part of the program management and implementation. A complete M&E and reporting program will be developed for Phase 2 of the AAWS.

In March 2013 DAFF requested several consultants to provide an M&E framework for the AAWS. In July 2013, Tanner James Management Consultants delivered an AAWS M&E framework that aligned with the program logic framework of the NIP.

The framework was presented at the 7th AAWS National Workshop. There was strong consensus for the framework to be incorporated within further work on a State of the Nation (SoN) report on animal welfare in Australia. The M&E framework will be incorporated into 2013-14 work on the development of performance indicators for animal use sectors, and national data and statistics to enhance the current AUSAWAC Annual Report on Animal Welfare in Australia.

Workshop participants also agreed further work should be done in conjunction with other AUSAWAC strategic directions work: enhancing collaboration in Australian animal welfare arrangements; and measuring the impact of AAWS communication activities on stakeholder and community attitudes.

AUSAWAC considered progression of the AAWS M&E framework work at its meeting on 2 August 2013 and it agreed the strategic directions work should be further progressed and integrated as much as possible. In the coming months DAFF will undertake further discussions with Tanner James to translate the AAWS M&E framework to animal use sectors and develop practical measures.

Download the AAWS Monitoring and Evaluation Framework Report