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AAWS Phase I Foundation Documents and Reports


AAWS Communication Strategy 2011-14



Response to the Gemmell external review of the AAWS

Review of the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS)

The characteristics and success of vertebrate translocations within Australia

Australian Working Dog Survey Report

Stage 1 of developing a framework for animal welfare education in Australia

A Scientific comment on the Welfare of Sheep Slaughtered without Stunning

23 Key elements for consistent implementation of national animal welfare standards and codes


Specifying the Risks to Animal Welfare Associated with Livestock Slaughter without Induced Insensibility

A model for Assessing the Relative Humaneness of Pest Animal Control

Animal Health in Australia 2008 

Animal Welfare in Australia

Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock - Version 2.3

Investigation of the equine area of the sector: Animals used for work, sport, recreation and on display. A report for the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy

Regional Animal Welfare Strategy for Asia, the Far East and Oceania

Regulating animal welfare to promote and protect improved animal welfare outcomes under the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy - Geoff Bloom



Animal Welfare Research and Development for Australia 

Australian Animal Welfare Strategy Stocktake Reports


Priorities for Action from Inventories of Animal Welfare Arrangements

Attitudes Towards Animal Welfare 

Perceptions of Animal Welfare among Indigenous communities 

Social Research to Support the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy

Australian Animal Welfare Strategy Stakeholder Analysis Phases 1- 4



The Australian Animal Welfare Strategy

Australian Animal Welfare Stakeholder Analysis



Keniry Livestock Export Review Chaired by Dr John Keniry


A way forward on animal welfare: A report on the Livestock Export Industry

Independent Reference Group


Review of Layer Hen Housing and Labelling of Eggs in Australia