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Land Transport Standards

If you are involved in transporting livestock by land anywhere in Australia, then this guide will help you to interpret the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines - Land Transport of Livestock (Livestock Transport Standards) and apply this information in a practical way in your workplace.

General Part A Standards - The requirements that must be met under law for livestock welfare purposes. Penalties apply for a breach of a Standard. Standards use the word 'must' and are shown in brown. There are six general Standards which everyone must adhere to - no matter what type of livestock you have. These are found on the right hand side of this page. Everyone involved in the livestock transportation chain should be familiar with these six Standards.

Guidelines - The recommended practices to achieve desirable animal welfare outcomes. The guidelines complement the Standards. They should be used as a guidance. Guidelines use the word 'should'. Non-compliance with one or more guidelines will not in itself constitute an offense under law. Guidelines can be accessed on the relevant page for each part A Standard.

Species specific Part B Standards and Guidelines - see the tab on the right hand side of the page to view the additional Standards which apply to the species of animal you are transporting. There is also a summary of all (Part A and Part B) Standards and guidelines which apply to that species.

Watch this video for further information on the livestock welfare standards

For a full copy of the Transport Standards, please see:

A brochure and a poster are also available for download.