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Day One

Theme: Animal Welfare in Australia

Animal Welfare in Australia: a work in progress (Ivan Caple)

The role of government in supporting animal welfare (Tom Aldred)

The role of animal welfare agencies in improving animal welfare (Bidda Jones)

Australia's ethical framework for animals used in research and teaching (Margaret Rose)


Theme: The New Social Ethics for Animals

Keynote address: The changing face of animal ethics (Peter Sandøe)


Social and attitudinal research

The importance of social research for informing animal welfare approaches (Nicola Hinder)

Public perceptions of animal welfare - an international perspective (Grahame Coleman)

Societal concerns for animal welfare - cultural and religious perspectives (Clive Phillips)


Animals in society

Different strokes for different folks -various viewpoints on animal welfare and management  (Kersti Seksel)

The human-animal bond (Kevin Stafford)

Ethical stockmanship and management of animals (Paul Hemsworth)

Abandoned animals: not just dumped doggies and castaway kittens (Hugh Wirth)

Understanding the relationships between animal welfare, animal cruelty and interpersonal violence: a critical review (Samara McPhedran)


Regulatory approaches

A co-regulatory approach to farm animal welfare in Australia (Robin Vandergraff)

Developing an outcome-based regulatory approach to animal welfare in New Zealand (Cheryl O'Connor)

Problems with current animal protection - sentient animals slipping through the net
(Glenys Oogjes)


Animals in law

The role of law in promting and protecting improved animal welfare outcomes under the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (Geoff Bloom)

The law and pets (Michael Hayward)

Animal welfare considerations in town planning (Virginia Jackson)


Drivers for change

Responding to drivers for change: animal welfare and agriculture (Mike Bond)

Labelling and quality assurance schemes (Andrea Gavinelli)


Standards and guidelines for livestock

Development process for the Australian animal welfare standards and guidelines for the land transport of livestock (Kevin de Witte)

Implications of standards and guidelines for sustainable improvements in animal welfare for Australian livestock producers (Warren Starick)


Science and practice

The roles of science and industry in improving animal welfare (Donald Broom)

Legal and animal welfare implications of when consciousness first appears in developing young and the potential for delayed onset of increased pain sensitivity (Craig Johnson)