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Day Three

Theme: Measuring Animal Welfare
Keynote address:
Making sense of animal welfare measures (Marian Dawkins)


Assessing welfare

Measuring the welfare of livestock in extensive production systems: can we, should we? (Carol Petherick)

Assessing the wellbeing and quality of life in companion animals (Kevin Stafford)

Common metrics for diverse welfare frameworks (Lindsay Matthews)


Context matters

Which comes first- the animals, the media or the public expectation? (Deb Kelly)

Animal welfare in disasters (Ian Dacre)

Ecological inclusion: animal welfare and the total environment (Rod Bennison)



New techniques for pain recognition: What are the applications, where are the limits (Craig Johnson)

Practical analgesia for livestock husbandry: the role of topical anaesthesia (Meredith Shiel)

Layer hen welfare: a challenging and complex issue (David Witcombe)


A dog's life

Improving canine welfare by characterising the perfect pet dog for Australia (Pauleen Bennett)

Improving the welfare of the racing greyhound - A GRV perspective (Linda Beer)

Optimising welfare in dog training classes (Gaile Perry)


Theme: Making Sustainable Improvements in Animal Welfare
Keynote address:
Making sustainable improvements in animal welfare (Judy Macarthur Clark)


Pest Animals

New research into fertility control in pest species (Tony Peacock)

Animal welfare and pest control: where are we at (Cheryl O'Connor)


Developments in research

Developing national guidelines to protect the wellbeing of animals used for scientific purposes (Elizabeth Grant)

Putting research into practice: the importance of research in context (Marian Dawkins)


Aquatic animal welfare

Fish welfare: the crossroads of science, ethics and comparative veterinary medicine (Matt Landos)

Animal welfare and aquaculture (Paul Hardy-Smith)



The welfare of translocated vulnerable native animals in Australia (Ken Richardson)

Game Council NSW Code of Practice for hunters - a case study (Tony English)


Livestock transportation

Working with the OIE to improve international animal welfare: the Australian approach (Gardner Murray)

Livestock export standards (Peter Thornber)

Land transport of livestock poster (Kevin de Witte)


Research priorities

New Australia research into livestock transportation (Drewe Ferguson)

Research in a flash: CSIRO animal welfare research (Andrew Fisher)

Animal welfare research priorities (Paul Hemsworth)

Research in a flash: Centre for animal welfare and Ethics priorities (Clive Phillips)

Priorities in animal welfare for the Australian dairy industry (Bridget Peachey)

Welfare research priorities for the Australian pork industry (Pat Mitchell)

Egg industry research priorities (Jacqueline Baptista)


Animals and entertainment

Zoos and animal welfare (Andrew Tribe)

Improving animal welfare outcomes for horses and cattle used in rodeo competitions in Australia (John Osborne)

Henry the sea lion (Deb Kelly)

What factors affect perceptions of animal welfare? (Teresa Collins)


Animal welfare in developing countries

Animal welfare issues and perspectives in developing countries (Abdul Rahman)

Animal welfare concept in India: perception and reality? (Ashok Rathore)

Sharing the load: sustainable community action to improve the welfare of working animals in developing countries (Lisa van Dijk)


Theme: The International Scene


Animal welfare and the European Union (Andrea Gavinelli)

The USA perspective and issues (Chester Gipson)

The globalisation of animal welfare: A New Zealand and Australian perspective on recent developments of strategic significance (David Bayvel)