Education & Training Stocktake Report

The Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) Education and Training Working Group did a comprehensive stocktake of Australian education and training in animal welfare. The report of the review process was finalised in February 2008.

Executive Summary

1.1 Key findings

This stocktake of formal and informal education and training about animal welfare in Australia has revealed an en

About the Report


The Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS) was developed to provide the national and international communities with an appreciation of animal welfare arrangements in Australia and to outline directions for future improvements in the welfare of animals. The Strategy was developed by the Australian Government with assistance from the National Consultative Committee on Animal

Stocktake Reports for Each AAWS Sector

Executive Summary and Background to Report 

Production Animals / Livestock – Beef Cattle 

Production Animals / Livestock – Dairy Cattle

Production Animals / Livestock – Sheep 

Production Animals / Livestock – Pigs 

Production Animals / Livestock – Poultry 

Companion Animals 

Aquatic Animals 

Animals used in Research and Teaching 

Animals in the Wild 


International Benchmarking Report

The stocktake of Australian education and training in animal welfare was followed by an international benchmarking study of animal welfare education and training aimed at assessing Australia’s performance against five key criteria.

The study also identified how Australia could learn from a range of innovative international education and training programs.

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