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Fishing for Snapper Brochure

Aquatic veterinarian Paul Hardy Smith has produced a brochure about best practice handling for snapper, whether the fish be destined for the table or released back into the water.

Paul has worked extensively with salmon growers in Tasmania and Canada, tuna farmers in South Australia and other fish species including barramundi and Murray cod. He is also a keen recreational angler himself.

The brochure examines how best to deal with snapper that come from depth, humanely dispatching snapper and looking after your catch so its in great condition to share with your family and friends.

Paul's brochure was included in the event bags for competitors in the Tea Tree Snapper competition and more are available by contacting Paul directly through his website.

The brochure was developed with input from VRFish, Victorian and NSW Fisheries researchers and other recreational anglers. It can be viewed from Paul's website at www.panaquatic.com/fishinfo.html.

Funding was provided through the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS).