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Mapping ProHand Stockperson Training Packages

ProHand® is a proven training program, tested on stockpeople in dairy and pig farms and at pork and red meat abattoirs in Australia and around the world.


• Improves the quality of human-animal interactions (minimises handling stress)
• Improves animal performance and welfare
• Improves stockperson work motivation, performance and job satisfaction.

This project was conducted to provide insight into future revisions of ProHand® that may include specific assessment tools required to fulfil the applicable competency requirements of the mapped units.

Accrediting ProHand® as a unit of competency in its own right is complex as it would be necessary to demonstrate that ProHand® covers specific industry requirements not already covered by existing competencies.

Registration under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) as a recognised unit within the existing rural training package is an option that could be considered.

The mapping process did demonstrate that there is some overlap with some existing packages though there were still large gaps of knowledge that were not provided by the ProHand® course. Changing or modifying these units would change the overall intent and would not be recommended as all livestock industries utilise these units.

There is one exception however where AHCPRK203A Move and Handle Pigs could be modified to meet industry needs and then have ProHand® (Pigs) fulfil the unit requirements.

The registration of ProHand® as an accredited course allows for the development of assessment material that is aligned and linked to the material within the program.

Though ProHand® is currently not an accredited course, further investigation into having this as a pre-requisite or as a critical aspect for assessment within the unit of competency for the linked units would ensure all persons completing the unit would be required to complete the ProHand® Program.

As part of the project, a brochure was developed and printed to publicise the ProHand® suite of programs. This brochure can be accessed by following the following link.