2012 News

Vaccine to fight Hendra

Date: 09th December

Work Group: AAWS

Activity Type: Research & Development

A new vaccine is now available to fight the deadly Hendra virus.
The bat-borne virus was first identified in Brisbane in 1994 and has since claimed the lives of four people and 81 horses - nine in 2012 alone.
With its high mortality rate and no known cure, finding a vaccine was a priority and one delivered by an Australian-led international collaborative partnership that included both private and government-funded research organisations.
Equivac® HeV vaccine is available under permit from accredited veterinarians, and will bring bat, horse and dog welfare improvements through a reduced risk by vaccination.
The vaccine will also assist in breaking the cycle of transmission that puts humans at risk of contracting this potentially lethal virus.
Dr Ben Gardiner, President of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), says the vaccine is an important breakthrough for animal welfare and the industry.
“This vaccine significantly decreases the risk of exposure to Hendra virus for horse owners, handlers and veterinarians. For that reason, the Australian Veterinary Association recommends that all horses be vaccinated against the Hendra virus,” he said.
For more information on the Hendra virus and vaccination visit: www.health4horses.com.au